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Adolescent Psychiatry News Courtesy of Clinical Psychiatry News

Dec 26 2013

Exposure therapy trumped supportive counseling for adolescent PTSD

Dec 18 2013

FDA warns methylphenidate drugs associated with priapism

Dec 18 2013

Teens report increasingly lax attitude about marijuana use

Dec 13 2013

VIDEO: Brain's iron levels may be ADHD biomarker

Dec 09 2013

Pediatric epilepsy surgery improved mood, behavior in some patients

Dec 05 2013

Six percent of adolescents report psychotropic use in past month

Nov 14 2013

Ask young patients about social media use

Nov 07 2013

Don’t ignore headaches in teens with bipolar disorder

Nov 07 2013

Two factors predict suicide in teens with bipolar disorder

Oct 21 2013

Sixty-four percent of autistic children given psychotropic meds

Sep 17 2013

Adolescents at risk for substance misuse fit three subgroups

Sep 17 2013

Report shows high number of bath-salt related ED visits

Sep 16 2013

Look for bullying in psychosomatic diagnoses

Sep 09 2013

AHA statement spotlights severe pediatric obesity

Sep 03 2013

Depression in pediatric SLE matches average rates

Aug 29 2013

Eating disorder as an episode heralding in bipolar

Aug 21 2013

Antipsychotics triple risk of type 2 diabetes in young people

Aug 12 2013

Labor induction, augmentation may be tied to autism risk

Aug 12 2013

Pediatric-onset FAP increases persistent anxiety, depression risk

Jul 25 2013

Depression more troublesome than mania for youth with bipolar disorder

Jul 18 2013

Stringent DSM-5 criteria may affect prevalence rates of autism spectrum disorders

Jul 17 2013

Psychotic symptoms signal adolescent suicide attempt risk

Jul 11 2013

Youth homicide rates reach 30-year low

Jul 02 2013

IVF tied to small rise in mental retardation rate

Jun 27 2013

Racial, ethnic disparities found in diagnosis of children with ADHD

Jun 21 2013

FDA approves Plan B One-Step OTC for all ages

Jun 20 2013

Psychoticlike symptoms not tied to risk of violent recidivism

Jun 20 2013

Unhealthy body shape concerns linked to adverse outcomes

Jun 20 2013

New diagnosis fits third of bipolar teens

Jun 17 2013

Estrogen replacement eases weight-gain anxiety in girls with anorexia

Jun 10 2013

Caregiver screen improves identification of youth at high risk for psychosis

Jun 03 2013

Teen smartphone addiction correlates with psychopathology

May 30 2013

Promising autism drugs progress through pipeline

May 29 2013

DSM-5 criteria 'at odds' with early autism diagnosis

May 28 2013

Despite laws, almost half of teens text while driving

May 24 2013

Hypertension hurts memory, attention in children

May 22 2013

Childhood neglect affects adult close-relationship capacity

May 21 2013

Cyberbullying triples suicide risk in teens

May 17 2013

Congress creates caucus for Tourette syndrome