2015 ribbon announcement

Letter From Our President

Dear Adolescent Mental Health Provider,

We are pleased to have you to our website, and hope that you will elect to become a member of this specialty society. ASAP is a professional association whose members have an active interest in adolescence and adolescents. ASAP’s structure includes both local constituent societies in two areas, as well as a large number of members-at-large (more than one-half of our current membership) who do not reside in areas served by current societies.

We hope that you will elect to seek membership. To do this, just choose an application here. Payment of current dues with the application is required, and guarantees you receiving publications during consideration of your application.

What do you get?

  • Adolescent body of knowledge
  • National and local fellowship
  • Referrals network
  • Clinical skills increase 
  • Voice for adolescent psychiatry

These all identify ASAP. We invite you to join ASAP to become a recognized member of the adolescent treatment community.


R. Gregg Dwyer, M.D. President